定襄縣巨力鍛造有限公司是一家專業生產各種鍛件和法蘭的企業,始建于2005年,位于中國山西省定襄縣,生產能力為5000噸。我們有20多年的鍛造生產及管理經驗,能夠按照美標ASME B16.5、B16.47德標DIN,歐標EN1092,國內標準HG/T20615、20623,NB/T47021、47022、47023,SH/T3406等標準生產碳鋼、不銹鋼標準法蘭和按客戶圖紙定做特殊鍛件并且重量小于10噸,產品尺寸范圍為DN15-DN3000。


Ding xiang Juli Forging Co., Ltd. was founded?in 2005. located in Dingxiang, Shanxi province,China.We are a manufacturer specializing in production of various forgings and flanges. Our annual production capacity is 5,000 tons.We have more than 20 years of forging production and management experience.The company has the capability to produce carbon steel and stainless steel flanges in accordance with American standard ASME B16.5, B16.47, German standard DIN, European standard EN1092, domestic standard HG/T20592,?20615, 20623, NB/T47021, 47022,47023,?SH/T3406 and non-standard flanges and forging parts with weight less than 10Tons.Product size range from?DN15-DN3000.
? ? ? ?We are dedicated to supplying?high-quality products and services to our clients. Helping our clients gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

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